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What is an implant?
Briefly, the implant is artificial tooth roots, usually made of titanium, placed in the jaw bone to provide the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth.

Is it safe and durable to treat with implants?
Implant treatment is a completely safe treatment when done by qualified dentists. In general, the rate of satisfaction with the very high rate of implant treatment has been achieved at a rate of 98% today. In a large number of cases, the implants remained in the mouth for up to thirty years. Implants are now considered as long-lasting as teeth. Especially after 35-40 years, implants have a longer life than treatment of natural teeth in many cases. Consequently, the implants can be used for a lifetime. Your dentist will provide you with more detailed information on this subject.

Can implants be used in all situations?
In any case with tooth loss, implant can be made, whether single teeth or all teeth are missing.

Can each patient be implanted?
Implant screws are structures that have a specific thickness and width. Therefore, in the region where the implant is intended to be placed, the jaw bone must have a height and width to accept this implant screw. The quality of the existing bone also determines how quickly a prosthesis will be made on the implant. As long as the patient’s general health condition is good, there is no upper age limit to prevent implantation, but it may not be preferred to apply it to very young patients whose bone development is incomplete.

Do I feel pain when implant is placed?
No, if appropriate anesthesia methods are applied. Usually, the pain that can be heard in the evening when the implant is placed can be relieved by simple painkillers. Many patients state that this pain is not different from the pain after normal tooth extraction.


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